Student Borrowing Infographic

Infographics are a great way to translate information into a visual, easy to comprehend medium. My first infographic is a visual representation of an article called “The Changing Profile of Student Borrowers”, which is more interesting than it sounds. Students that are now graduating from college, myself included, are more and more likely to graduate with high levels of student debt.

My infographic shows the exact amount of debt that students are accumulating along with a few of the major causes and effects of increased student borrowing. The information in my design could be presented in any number of ways. I used a line and bar graph to represent the amount of borrowing and statistics and trending patterns to support the numerical graphs. Though both visual and written facts can both be helpful, sometimes you need more than one element of visualization to create a story that the reader will understand.

My infographic entitled “Student Borrowers Then & Now” uses a brighter color scheme with red, yellow and orange to draw attention to each element of the design and to contrast with the black typeface. I balanced the graphic by using blocked text on either side of the graphs in the center.

I hadn’t realized until after the design was almost finished that I had chosen to reasons for the increased borrowing rates, class structure and parent education. I also chose two effects of the borrowing, decreased creditworthiness and student debt differences between males and females.

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