What Is A Service Dog?

I noticed that Christabel McGarry was training her service dog through A Pawsitive K9 Training’s facebook page. I found out that Christabel was not only a college student at UF, but also in the process of training her 6 month old German Shepard/Bulldog puppy, Atlas, how to be a service dog. I thought that this was interesting and rather impressive because college is a lot of work as it is in addition to rescuing a puppy and training him to fit her needs.

Christabel agreed to let me ask her some questions and even brought me with her to get some footage of Atlas interacting with some of his puppy friends at her local dog park. Though Atlas is early in his training, she told me a little about what she does in order to help him remember his training and to encourage him to follow her commands (he is very food oriented as are most dogs). I found the entire experience to be very exciting because, though she puts a lot of time into training him, Atlas will help Christabel every day once his training is complete.

For deeper insight into Christabel and her future service dog, watch my video below.



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