UF Dental College: The Struggle to Acceptance


Many people may have heard about the College of Dentistry at the University of Florida, or even know a friend or two that strive to succeed in the competitive college. Little do people know just how involved with the public this college actually is or the fact that less than a hundred applicants are accepted into the college when over a thousand apply each year.

I spoke to the human resources assistant in the School of Advanced Dental Sciences, Audra Lewis, to find out just how competitive the college is. She directed me to the Colleges website for exact statistics, but enlightened me to the fact that the college is unique in the fact that its clinics are open to the public and that they provide low cost dental care while training their students in the most up to date techniques in periodontics, orthodontics, prosthodontics, pediatric surgery, oral surgery and pathology.


Creating media elements:

This was a rather in depth assignment that I can imagine being assigned for a health magazine or local newspaper. Because the college is so big and affiliated with such a prestigious program, it can be difficult to speak to someone who can answer all of your questions. Luckily being a student at UF makes the process much easier to navigate.

In an office setting, I found that lighting and audio were much less tedious a task to deal with than in a less predictable environment that I had been dealing with prior to this project. Also, dealing with the biggest part of the project fist, the video interview, allowed me to gather more information and ask for other sources of information to pull the other elements of this project to the standards to the interview.

I also never realized how well the various elements of media such as video, photographs and info-graphic can compliment each other and add to the story that you are trying to tell before I began to tackle this particular project.

Infographic for final

Coming together:

My interview with Audra Lewis made it clear that the story that I thought that I would find at the College of Dentistry was definitely there. Though all of the colleges at UF are challenging in their own way, the college of Dentistry amounts to a full time job working with the public while still having a full workload to receive credit for the classes that interns and residents are required to take through the college. This may be one of the most hands on learning experiences that I have come across.

For all of these reasons, I found it not all that surprising that so few students are accepted into the college each year and those that are are exposed to a very high paced and demanding learning environment.

My goal through this assignment was to find out why students at UF are so aware of the dental students difficulty and also why their curriculum rivals that of premed students. I think through a combination of opinions and statistics I was able to gather enough information to understand the hardships that being a dentistry student entails.



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